“I love the strong sense of teamwork and feeling of accomplishment I get from my job. Every day I feel both challenged and enriched by what I do and the clients we serve. I am proud of this company, and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

– Karen Bowers, Skilled Billing Supervisor | Kernersville, NC

Karen Bowers

“I love working at Salibas’s because it is a loving and warm environment! You can tell that they really do care about their employees as family. Saliba’s is the best place to work, bar none! Thanks so much, Saliba’s!”

– Charles Staples, Courier | Phoenix, AZ

Charles Staples

“There has been no lack in training, and everyone has been extremely available to help with any questions or concerns that I’ve had. I love the business model and feeling like I’m genuinely making a difference not only within the company, but also to the patients that we’re caring for.”

– Darian Stevens, Adjudicator | Cedar Rapids, IA

Darian Stevens

“I love working for Guardian Pharmacy because of the dedication we not only show to our mission, but to each other. Guardian Pharmacy is the epitome of what it means to truly be a team. I was instantly welcomed and guided in my role with the help of not only management, but fellow employees as well.”

– Variya Thompson, Business Manager | Dallas, TX

Variya Thompson