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As individuals embark on a new phase of life—whether in an assisted living community, skilled nursing facility, or other type of extended care setting—they require specialized pharmacy services.

In fact, nearly two million Americans rely on the services of long-term care (LTC) pharmacies like Guardian every day for specialized pharmacy needs beyond regular medication dispensing.

These valuable LTC pharmacy services are designed for older adults and individuals with complex medical needs living in a variety of care settings and include benefits such as:

  • Around-the-clock access to essential medications
  • Advanced medication packaging technology
  • Assistance in navigating complex insurance benefit plans
  • Medication coordination across multiple doctors and care settings

"What Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services Mean for You"

Senior Care

We’ll help determine the best plan with the broadest coverage to suit your needs. We accept all plans and advocate for you when dealing with Medicare Part D issues, and we also help you manage around the “donut hole” to avoid increased costs and identify formulary alternatives when available.

Pharmacy Care

We answer our phones, dispense medications, and deliver prescriptions day or night directly to the communities we serve—24/7/365—eliminating trips to the pharmacy or waiting on mail order.

Assistance with
Benefit Plans

Navigating complex insurance benefit plans can be confusing. From helping you choose the best plan to fit your needs, to ensuring medications are covered, our local billing specialists are here to help.

Smart Packaging

Our easy-to-use, smart medication packaging is pre-sorted by administration time, uniformly labeled, and barcode-enabled, decreasing the risk for medication error.


Our pharmacies sync with your community’s medication record system. This real-time connection ensures you receive the right medication at the right time, every time.

Staff Education

Our pharmacists and nurses help ensure safe and accurate medication management with hands-on training, education, and support for your community’s staff.

to Your

Our dedicated pharmacy teams are committed to your safety and well-being. We perform thorough checks on how medications are administered and stored in your community.


We coordinate with community staff to ensure you receive critical medications without interruption in the event of a natural disaster or emergency evacuation.

“When it comes to residents, I don’t think of them as a business or a customer or a resident. I think of them as family. I’m thinking that could be my mother or my grandmother or my grandfather.”

Pamela Williams, Guardian Customer Service Account Manager, Southern Pharmacy Services (NC)

Learn more about LTC pharmacy services. Download our fact sheet.