Provider Education Guides


Preparing for the Worst: How Senior Living Communities Can Preserve Medication Access During a Natural Disaster

Partnering with an LTC pharmacy that offers assistance before, during, and after a forced evacuation ensures your residents maintain access to necessary medications when disaster strikes.

Reducing Hospitalizations

Reducing Hospitalizations in Assisted Living: 7 Key Steps for Providers

Providers will discover strategies they can implement, with the tools they have, to reduce preventable hospitalizations, improve resident outcomes, and position their community for future success.

Pharmacy Adoption

Why Assisted Living Communities Should Prioritize Resident Pharmacy Adoption

This guide underscores why pharmacy adoption is vital and shares the important benefits communities realize when residents select your partner pharmacy.

Preventing Med Errors

Process, Training and Technology: The Keys to Preventing Medication Errors in Assisted Living

Discover how standardizing processes, providing ongoing staff education and training and utilizing the latest technology can prevent medication errors and improve resident outcomes.

Breaking the Polypharmacy Cycle

Breaking the Polypharmacy Cycle in Senior Living: Strategies for Clinical and Financial Success

Explore the definition of polypharmacy, its underlying causes, the detrimental effects on resident outcomes, the financial burden it places on SL operators, and steps to mitigate excessive use of medications.

Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder in Senior Living: 5 Strategies to Empower Staff to Care for Residents at Risk

Discover specific strategies you can implement in your community to prepare your staff to confidently care for these residents and mitigate risks associated with SUD.

Crucial Safety Net

How LTC Pharmacies Can Be a Crucial Safety Net for Assisted Living Communities

Learn how a LTC pharmacy can help ease the burdens being placed on you and your staff.


Helping I/DD Organizations Resolve Medication Compliance and Staff Turnover Issues

Partnering with a LTC pharmacy can help ensure medication compliance and equip you and your staff with the knowledge, resources and support necessary to provide exceptional care to individuals with I/DD.