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Exceptional pharmacy support for PACE organizations.

Guardian Pharmacy Services and its partner pharmacies have a long history of providing specialized support for PACE organizations, and we are committed to the success of the PACE model of care.

Our local pharmacies provide technologically-advanced medication management solutions to help increase the efficiency of your care teams and ensure that participants receive the right medications at the right time.

Offering tailored delivery options, easy emergency medication access, PDE creation and submission, comprehensive PBM services, and robust reporting and data capabilities, it is easy to understand why more PACE programs choose Guardian as their local PACE pharmacy.

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Discover the benefits of a Guardian partnership for your PACE organization.


We partner with AscellaHealth to provide comprehensive PBM solutions to PACE organizations.


Prescriptions Without the Wait

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PACE participants receive local, regularly scheduled deliveries and 24/7 emergency service, ensuring the medications they need arrive promptly, day or night.


Focused on Healthcare Outcomes

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Our experienced senior care pharmacists and nurses help PACE participants achieve better health outcomes through medication regimen reviews, training, on-site vaccination clinics, and more.


Cost Management & Savings

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Through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) partnerships, we help PACE organizations save money, resolve billing challenges, meet compliance benchmarks, and enhance reporting efficiency.


Better Compliance & Independence

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By making medication management easy and convenient through smart packaging solutions, we help PACE participants increase their adherence rates, reduce hospitalizations, and age in place longer.


Advanced Technology

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Our cutting-edge technology optimizes therapeutic regimens, improves care coordination, streamlines operational workflows, and maximizes medication safety—giving PACE organizations a superior medication management experience.


Prevention that Matters

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As medication management experts, we are a crucial first line of defense in preventing drug errors and medication-related hospitalizations, helping PACE participants improve their health and organizations achieve care outcomes.

Beyond medication dispensing, we are committed to helping each PACE organization we serve improve program compliance and quality outcomes.

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